Peni Candra Rini

Indonesia, Vocalist

Peni Candra Rini is an accomplished composer, educator and one of few female contemporary vocalists performing sindhen, a female soloist style of singing found in Indonesian gamelan tradition. Strongly committed to preserving and sharing the gamelan musical traditions of her country, Peni has collaborated with acclaimed artists from within and outside Indonesia, including Robert Wilson (USA), Albert Chimedza and Mbira Centre (Zimbabwe), Geisser Mazzola Duo (Switzerland), Kamal Musallam (Dubai) and Gilles Saissi (France). In 2014, Peni was a participant in the OneBeat global music exchange, a program initiated by the U.S. Department of State. In addition to her extensive work as a performer, Peni is also a lecturer at the Indonesian Arts Institute in Surakarta, Central Java.