Ali Tekbas

Turkey, Vocalist

Ali Tekbas is a vocalist and composer based in Istanbul, Turkey. Born in Iraq, Ali was forced to migrate to Hakkari, Turkey with his family, where he completed his education. During his educational training, he participated in compiling repertoire and research with Ali İmran Erin and Serhat Bostancı, and with the support of Serdar Özdinç and Bülent Çetin, who encouraged him to investigate the roots of traditional Hakkari music in several districts and villages, particularly in central Hakkari. In 1998, he began to compose and perform original and arranged music inspired by this research, leading to the formation of his band LaWje (“lahv-jeh”), a collaboration with musicians Serhat Bostancı and Ali İmran Erin. The band released their first full-length album Seliqe on the internationally-acclaimed record label KALAN in 2013, and continues to perform, compose and record to this day.