Hatim Belyamani

Morocco/USA, Producer

Growing up in Morocco, Hatim (aka HAT) was an award-winning classical pianist, a guitarist, and surrounded by sounds of the country’s Arabic, Amazigh, and Sub-Saharan African origins.  At Harvard, he studied sociology and music, and embraced electronic music as the key to unifying his eclectic influences. In 2012, Hatim founded remix ←→ culture, an international collective celebrating musical traditions in harmony with digital remix art. They identify a country’s various musical traditions, then record, film, produce, release, and remix them. Work began in Hatim’s native Morocco and later expanded to other countries. Since 2015, HAT has performed live remixes of the videos shot by the collective at various festivals and venues throughout the world. Hatim is now shifting his attention to the diverse and rich musical heritage of various immigrant communities in NYC, with whom several collaborations are in the works.