Kyla-Rose Smith

South Africa, Artist + Producer

Kyla-Rose Smith is an acclaimed performer, violinist, multi-media artist and producer from South Africa. She is best known for her work as violinist and backing singer of Freshlyground, South Africa’s premier Afropop band. She has toured extensively inside and beyond South Africa with Freshlyground, who have garnered many awards including seven South African Music Awards (SAMA), an MTV Europe Award, and four METRO awards. Kyla was also a recipient of the Glamour Woman of the Year Award. Since leaving Freshlyground, Kyla has established herself as an emerging multi-media artist. Her current projects engage with aural and visual dimensions of contemporary society. One of her many projects includes Hear Be Dragons, a community based creativity initiative to encourage communities to think about sound and the city, and the way these influence our quality of life, perceptions of history and memory, and notions of identity.